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Many organizations around the world are working to protect human rights and end human rights abuses. Major human rights groups maintain extensive websites that document violations and seek corrective action, both at the government and community levels. Public support and condemnation of abuse are important to their success, as human rights groups are most effective when the call for reform is supported by strong public advocacy. Here are some examples of such groups: The Sarvsresth International Human Rights Unity and Crime Control Organization (SIHRUCCO) is an autonomous, voluntary, non-governmental, non-discriminatory, non-profit organization aimed at protecting the human rights of India’s marginalized and left-behind communities. It is an organization which fights for the rights of human.
The Sarvsresth International Crime Control Organization and Human Rights Unit (SIHRUCCO) is constantly working to protect the “human rights” of Indian and international citizens. Based in New Delhi, the Sarvsresth International Human Rights Unity and Crime Control Organization (SIHRUCCO) works with partners in many countries on a global approach to defend human rights.
Globally, most human rights defenders were citizens, not government officials. In particular, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played a leading role in focusing the international community on human rights issues. NGOs monitor government behavior and pressure governments to act in accordance with human rights principles.
Human rights and social rights, the words themselves explain the purpose of establishing an organization. These organization is made up of people and is served by and by people. Victims who have been constantly suffering and oppressed are taken care of by SIHRUCCO. It doesn’t matter where they came from in this country, but the motto of the organization is to serve them with their abilities. The organization will fight for those who reach out to SIHRUCCO. If judgment is not applied properly, justice will never be realized. To do this, we must keep fighting and fight in the right way. We are suffering from many cases that have not been treated until now. We must eradicate the root cause of life being human and valuable.
In the first place, the basic problem lies in the educational system such as general education, medical education, social education, and legal education. The organization pointed out and found that the basic reason was that the people suffering from it were not well trained. Apart from various social problems, social violence, early marriage of girls, poor hygiene, poor living conditions, dowry and negligence of the elderly are the main causes of a wider society that needs to be addressed.

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