Children's Day, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

On November 14, Children’s Day, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh team distributed books, pencils, erasers to the school children, along with a rug for the children to sit on, along with giving them chocolate chips, taffy, and listening to poetry etc. from the children. Enthusiasm with entertainment In the program Tanu Bhargava and Shri Rajiv Srivastava ji and Anup Mishra ji and Akash Bhargava ji and Aparna Saxena ji etc. were done by all respected officials. Many many congratulations and best wishes to all of you respected office bearers.

Children's Day, West Bengal

Today on the occasion of 14th November, West Bengal President Shri Raveena Ghosh ji distributed school bags to the children in the school and children were encouraged by distributing chocolates etc. Many thanks and best wishes to all the office bearers on behalf of the organization.